Warning: None of the following Acts are allowed without the proper use of a condom according to §32 of ProstschG.

  • 69

    Oral sex with both partners laying on top of each other in opposite body position.

  • Anal (active)

    Anal sex with the escort being the active part.

  • Anal (passiv)

    Anal sex with the escort being the passive part.

  • Bisexual

    The escort prefers both men and women.

  • Deep throat

    An intensive form of oral sex.

  • Submissive

    The escort likes to take commands.

  • Dildo games

    Sexual penetration with a dildo.

  • Dirty talk

    Using naughty terms during intercourse.

  • Dominant

    The escort likes to take control.

  • FFM

    The escort may partner up with another escort.

  • BL

    Ball licking.

  • Fingering 

    Sexual intercourse using your hands.

  • French (aktive) 

    The escort seduces you with her mouth.

  • French (passive)

    Seducing the escort with your mouth.

  • Foot job

    The escort has sexual intercourse with her feet.

  • Cum on face

    Sperm on face.

  • Multiple Intercourse

    Having sex more than once.

  • Handjob

    Sexual intercourse using her hand on you.

  • Multiple men

    Sexual intercourse with more than one man at a time.

  • Cum on body

    Sperm on body.

  • Pissing

    The escort urinates on your body.

  • Travel companion

    Company on your next trip.

  • Rolleplay

    Playing fictional characters to experience different fantasies.

  • Spanish

    Having sex with the breasts of the escort.

  • Striptease

    An erotic form of dancing.

  • Swingerclub

    Company on visits to a club.