Project Description


Orientation Bisexual
Age 34
Height 171 cm
Confection size 38
Bust size 80C (natural)
Eye colour Blue grey
Hair colour Red
Body modification Tattoos (back, shoulder, arm)
Origin German
Occupation Reporter
Languages German & English
Smoker No
Favourite parfume Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf)

About me

I’m a cynical optimist with a snarky humor, a Netflix-addicted bibliophile with a collection of heels that is matched by my motley assortment of running shoes. I have scars from climbing mountains and nail polish in every shade of red. I will, without any advance planning, pack up and travel around the world for an impulsive far away vacation… but grumble at the prospect of get out of my apartment on a lazy sunday afternoon. I love action flicks and the philosophy of Nietzsche, wine tasting and green smoothies, live music and spotify playlists on my earphones, Bundesliga on the weekend and Championsleague during the week, cooking leisurely and drinking lazily (usually simultaneously). I can go for a 10km run but can’t stand 10 seconds of yoga. I’m lousy at doing sports like football, basketball or handball but I’m really enthusiastic in watching it. I spend the twilight on rooftops drinking wine and becoming a stargazer. I’m pluviophile and I adore the morning sun… Sometimes I’m too much – but most of all – just down-to-earth in a really weird way.

What I do

Walking in the rain, jumping in mud puddles, building sandcastles, going barefoot, going on adventures, acting silly, flying kites, singing in the shower, reading childrens’ books, taking bubble baths, getting new sneakers, holding hands and hugging and kissing, dancing, laughing and crying for the health of it, wondering and wandering around, feeling happy and precious and innocent, feeling scared, feeling sad, feeling mad, giving up worry and guilt and shame, asking lots of questions, seeing things differently, falling down and getting up again, looking at the sky, watching clouds and name their shapes, trusting the universe, believing in karma, staying up late, climbing trees, doing nothing and doing it very well, learning new stuff, being excited about everything, enjoying having a body, listening to music, finding out how things work, making up new rules, telling stories, saving the world, making friends, and doing anything else that brings more happiness, celebration, health, love, joy, creativity, pleasure, abundance, grace, self-esteem, courage, balance, spontaneity, passion, beauty, peace, relaxation, communication and life energy to me and others.

What I’m good at

Sorting things by color (e.g. books, iPhone-apps, clothespins, shampoo).

My favourite quote

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!” (Katherine Hepburn)

Three things I could never live without

O, H2O, MRY92B/A

What I think about

Why is minus minus minus plus? Is everything half as bad? What is the fourth point in Pi? Do fishes close their eyes while sleeping? Was I a good kid? What do trees learn at the tree nursery? Am I too big for my little crimes? Should I live as a robber in the forest or as a pirate on a ship? Am I musically homeless? Should I show more interest in the world? Which lineup does Bayern Munich play at the weekend? Do opinions come naturally? Was Columbus seasick? Why are there bad people? Should I have become something else? Helps persistent wishing? Is resistance futile? Why is nothing ever happening? Is there a deep peace in my apartment when I am not there? Should I complain about something? Is there a mistake as great as the idea of ​​the world as a disk? Did anything go horribly wrong after the big bang? Is everything going too fast? Is the world full of secret messages? Is the freedom of birds overrated? Do have some people too much draft for shallow waters? Why are stars so disorderly? Are there any illusions about the severity of the world? Would I like to be an enigmatic person full of secrets? Can someone else do it differently? Do wandering souls have a goal?

On a typical Friday night I…

There is no typical Friday with me … and also no typical Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. But I like that, because so I can dance on Monday, answer all emails on Tuesday, plant flowers on Wednesday, climb a mountain on Thursday, deliver pizza and wine to my office on Friday, watch series on Saturday and work on Sunday…

We’ll make a good match if…

…you’re interested in the same or complete different things like me.


The following rates apply for one person only.
Couples pay an additional 100€.
If you’re interested in booking a Duo (two escort girls) the price will be double the amount.

+30 min100€
+60 min200€


Bookings in Frankfurt and Offenbach require no additional fee.

Für Buchungen innerhalb Frankfurt und Offenbach fallen keine Anfahrtskosten an.