Project Description


Orientation Straight
Age 23
Height 172 cm
Confection size 36
Bust size 70E (natural)
Eye colour Dark blue
Hair colour Blonde
Body modification No
Origin German
Occupation Student
Languages German, English, French & Spanish (basics)
Smoker No
Favourite parfume Chanel

About me

My name is Luna. That explains: I like the night, the ambiguity and I am fascinated of people, their stories, mainly nonlinear biographies. On the one hand, I am hopelessly romantic, like the one who admires the moon, on the other hand I do know about the moon shadow and thus about the wickedness, the mysteriousness, the hiddenness. I am interested in the different faces people have and I am curious about getting to know other humans, as varied as possible. In the beginning I might be a little shy or restrained, but of course one can laugh a lot in my company, I like to move in the spectrum between cheerful and complex, depending on my counterpart. I am a good listener and quite empathic and I am looking forward to countless exciting experiences in my future life…

What I do

I study in a somehow chaotic manner because I am interested in too many things and I am jobbing around in gastronomy. Besides these obligations I love exercising in the gym and love to test my limits in strength and endurance training. In addition to challenging myself physically, I also appreciate intellectual and mental activities like reading magazines, newspapers or novels , writing etc… I wished only, I would have more time… Otherwise I like going to museums, exhibitions, the theatre or to the movies, because I really get enthusiastic about all forms of human expression. Furthermore I like nature, animals, plants and I also would like to see more of the world.

What I’m good at

I am quite good at listening, in empathy, at the perception of people and their mood, I suppose… But one can also have nice chats with me about a wide range of issues and topics. I would like to improve my drawing, writing, singing, dancing skills and to becomme better concerning a lot of things… I am also good at dreaming. Nevertheless, I like to make people happy, because the world really requires more dignity and respect between humans.

My favourite quote

A quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson:
„ To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the geratest accomplishment.“
I really like this quote because it ́s probably the central task of life to find out who you are, or who you want to be, even if the others permanently see you in a different way and want you to be like they expect you to be. I guess a life with detours is at least as valuable, meaningful and promising as the straight-path. Watzlawick moves in the same direction:
„If you want to find yourself, do not ask others to leave.“
I think it ́s important to act naturally, to dare things, not always to be frightened and tense and not to take everything so serious, in accordance with Kästner:
„Only someone who grows up and stays a child is a human being.“

Three things I could never live without

Culture (music, literature, film, theatre, language)
Love & warmth ( friendship, family, neighbourly love etc….)
The Area of retreat (warm water, electricity, internet)

What I think about

Oh, about a lot too many things and maybe not always about the most senseful subjects… But I think about social, political, human issues, about justice, my own imperfections, my life, my future, friendship, love, the big things in life, the meaning of life but also about the next purchase, the right choice of ice-cream flavours, externals, nonsense.

On a typical Friday night I…

… I am working sometimes, or I busy myself with uni stuff, or I am just at home and make myself comfy on the sofa. Sometimes I hang out with friends, if I feel like having fun. But I also love being alone. I am never bored.

We’ll make a good match if…

…the chemistry is great right away, if we can have interesting conversations and if we just can spend a good time together, as you like it, of course. I‘m in any case curious and excited about you…


The following rates apply for one person only.
Couples pay an additional 100€.
If you’re interested in booking a Duo (two escort girls) the price will be double the amount.


Bookings in Frankfurt and Offenbach require no additional fee.

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