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Attractive Escort girls in Frankfurt

We’ve made it our task to redefine the way escort service works in Frankfurt. Due to all the years of experience in this field we’ve gained enough knowledge to overcome the flaws and improve the strengths of other agencies in this field which makes it possible for us to offer you a fresh and different take on the average escort experience.

We focus on customer proximity. We want you to feel happy about the way we consult you which is why we build on having a friendly and trusted relationship with you. We will advise you to our best regarding your choice of an escort girl and will tell you exactly if the choice you’ve made fits with your wishes. Also we will answer all your questions regarding the transition and in general. But that’s not everything that makes us different.

The first look on our web site says it all. No high class design which tries to stand out with professional and edited photos. Just simple selfies taken by the escort girls themselves. We won’t sell you the illusion of an extra ordinary, outstanding and almost untouchable escort diva. We offer you the girl from next door with whom you ca have a good time in several ways and which will offer you an authentic escort service to your home or a hotel of your choosing in Frankfurt.

When choosing the escort girl we have high standards when it comes to character. The girls on our website are not only pretty and smart but also down to earth and have authentic personalities. All these private call girls are natural beauties with a unique personality and an playful and intelligent mind so you can have a realistic escort experience to an absolute fair price. We try to work with the most diverse group of women we can find. No matter if you prefer the intellectual law student from the Goethe University in Frankfurt, the cute hipster girl from the Bahnhofsviertel or the sporty girl from your local gym. For every type of man there is a matching type of girl and we offer it to you!

Our escort promise

Every date with an escort Frankfurt girl is natural and unique experience. to make sure these attributes are protected we make sure to never work with full time escorts. all the girls displayed on our page have a normal day time job or study and use this opportunity to make an exiting impact in their every day routine. They want to have an exciting adventure just like you. This standard makes it sure for us to assure you that every escort girl has a fun time and is not only in it for the money. If you’re an experienced escort customer you’ll notice the difference immediately.

As and escort agency we guarantee you that all the escort girls on our website work completely autonome. we as an agency handle the part of mediating between you as the customer and the escort girl as a self employed worker. none of the girls displayed on our website work directly for us. please make every payment you book at the beginning of your escort date.

Why Escort service?

Escort Model? Call girl? Pretty sure you’ve heard these terms somewhere. We live in a fast world. Its not only in Frankfurt or the Rhein-Main area in general that time has become very precious. People who work hard every day and focus on their careers  are most of the time too busy to invest their spare time into challenging relationships with all their heart. Nevertheless the need of intimacy and passion is still there and needs to be full filled.

But also people who are in relationships seek to have an exchange from their every day routine. They wish for an erotic adventure without putting their existing relationship on the line.

Whatever it is. We as a modern escort agency promise you to take care of your seeking in discrete way. We will always threat your wishes and your personal data wit the highes discretion as possible. We are your serious partner to help you lighten up your love life with the charming atmosphere of one of our lovely and pretty escort girls. 🙂

Casual Dating

Modern, innovative and different. These attributes best describe the very different escort service from Candy. We put great value in being at the pulse of time, breaking barriers and diminishing taboos. We took it upon us to bring you an inexpensive alternative in times of overloaded dating apps. We want to make dating more attractive. The escort ladies know how valuable time is and want to enjoy the rare and tingly time just as much as you do. Booking a girl through Candy Escort is what casual dating is all about: uncomplicated, independent and easy dating with no strings attached.


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