Project Description


Gothic Escort Frankfurt
Orientation Straight
Age 21
Height 171 cm
Confection size 36/38
Bust size 80B (natural)
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Black
Body modification Septum (removable) & Belly piercing
Origin German-Israeli
Occupation Student
Languages German, English, French & Hebrew (basics)
Smoker Yes (but not necessarily)
Favourite parfume Midnight Rain (La Prairie)

About me

I am into Good Drinks and conversations. I am more a summer- than a winter person, enjoying warmth and sun. Socializing is something I am good in. I found my dream job to study for in the Rhein-Main area which focuses on caring for people in need. Being outside is one of my passions, either horse riding or just going for a hike in the Areal woods, nevertheless I also enjoy the amenities of big cities.

What I do

Literature and visiting theaters often is a part of my leisure time, but I also enjoy camping holidays as much as traveling to distant countries. Meeting people from other countries and learning about their culture is something I find highly interesting.
What I study offers me contact to a diverse variety of people. Helping adults in difficult circumstances, I admire their strength to keep their heads up even in hard times. This work expands my view on society every day and therefore became my passion.

What I’m good at

Listening to people, having deep conversations about what’s happening in the world. I am capable to empathize with others and love to cook and play the piano as well as horse riding.

My favourite quote

„And we have to remember the people that culture is no luxury but more a necessity to live just like the air we breathe.“ (Simon Rattle)

Three things I could never live without

Mate-tea, my  tent and good food.

What I think about

Social Justice, ethical and sustainable living, empathy for others and how we can make the world a better place to live for everyone.

On a typical Friday night I…

…am more likely to spend my time in a nice bar rather than a loud club. I enjoy good drinks and conversations. Having dinner somewhere or cooking together with my friends are also likely ways for me spending my weekends.

We’ll make a good match if…

…you’re interested in politics, enjoy sports and don’t cringe thinking about Sophisticated conversations. It’s even more likely if you like to travel and try out new things!


The following rates apply for one person only.
Couples pay an additional 100€.
If you’re interested in booking a Duo (two escort girls) the price will be double the amount.


Bookings in Frankfurt and Offenbach require no additional fee.

Für Buchungen innerhalb Frankfurt und Offenbach fallen keine Anfahrtskosten an.


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