I want to abort the date early

Chemistry is quite a thing. If you determine the arriving escort girl to not be your type of company you may abort the date before it begins. A cancellation fee consisting of 40€ + possible transportation may apply.

Are the photos real?

All the photos on our website are a 100% authentic. They represent mostly selfie pics taken by the escort ladies themselves. They are just the type of photos a lady would put on a regular dating profile or send you via text message. This shall support the realistic experience of your escort date. Professional taken photos are not part of our concept. All we do is hide the facial parts due to the discretion of the girls. Every girl on our website has a regular job and works as an escort in her free time. We hope you understand this type of censorship.

What happens to my data?

We handle your data with the highest form of discretion possible! We never share your contact information with anomy else. All your Information will be handled discrete. We expect the same from you. Please do never ask the girls for their private phone number or e-mail address. Every contact happening should be exclusively via us.

How does a date work?

Please make the payment at the beginning of the date. If you plan to extend the date then please pay the additional fee at the beginning of the extended time.

How do I cancel date?

You may cancel your date via phone, text message or WhatsApp on the day of the date. You should do so at least 60 minutes before the date starts (If you’re far away at least 90 minutes). Please do nut cancel dates via e-mail unless the date is on the next day or later. We do not charge a cancellation fee.

How much time do you need in advance?

You can book a date on the same day. We need at least 90 minutes time in advance to make sure that everything works on time. We advise you to book as early as possible if you’re interested in a certain escort girl.